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Shane and Dale, 1982 Shane and Dale, 1982

Ward, 1982 Ward, 1982

Bad Sneakers on Facebook
» If you log in to Facebook, you can click "Become a fan" at upper right and join the BS fan club. How cool is that? BS on Facebook

Bad Sneakers on MySpace
» If you log in to MySpace, you can click "Add to Friends" in the "Contacting Bad Sneakers" section at upper left and become our friend. And it's a mutual arrangement – we'll be your friend, too!BS on MySpace

Relive the '80s
» A reconstruction of the 1980s music scene in Philadelphia, curated by Reesa Marchetti of Reesa and the Rooters. Relive the '80s now

A brief history of the Loop
» Starting in 1979, Wilmington's music scene exploded one night a month, Out and About magazine reports. Read more

Bad Sneakers vinyl for sale
» For $56.95, get a mint copy of "Beat the Meter" on vintage vinyl, plus a convenient CD copy. Or buy the LP alone for just $77.79 – give or take, depending on exchange rates. Act now!

Legends of Newark rock
» White Clay Productions, Snake Grinder and the Shredded Field Mice, the Commotions and more, chronicled by "Hangnail Phillips." That's what he calls himself these days, and we're not going to out him. Hangnail Phillips' Web site

Johnny Neel
» Drummer Bill Dube (who also played with Hangnail Phillips in Icarus) left Bad Sneakers in 1979 to join Johnny's band. Former Bad Sneakers keyboardist Ward Camp produced Johnny's 1983 live album "You Shoulda Been There" on Now and Then Records, which also released the first two Bad Sneakers LPs. And oh yeah, Johnny later picked up a Grammy nomination or two, joined the Allman Brothers for a while and wrote songs for the Allmans, John Mayall, Marie Osmond, the Oak Ridge Boys and Travis Tritt. Johnny Neel's Web site

The Voltags
» "Delaware's first New Wave band," they call themselves. And who's going to argue? It was almost 30 years ago. Featuring the irrepressible Hangnail Phillips as well as bassist Rick Reid, who later joined Badfinger and Black Molly. The Voltags' Web site

1980s Philly music trade
» has an impressive collection of '80s vinyl from the Philadelphia area, including the first two Bad Sneakers albums (though no Hangnail Phillips). He won't sell any of it, but he's interested in swapping with other collectors. Read more

Jerry "Crabmeat" Thompson
» Another Now and Then Records artist with a 1983 album "Animals, Vegetables and Mineral Springs" produced by Ward, Crabmeat toured briefly with Dale's band Lucky Dogs in the early '90s. Crabmeat's Web site

Bob Bowersox
» This affable print and broadcast personality was a prime mover of Delaware's music scene in the early '80s. He joined shopping channel QVC for its 1986 launch, hosted "In the Kitchen With Bob" through 2008 and has made his mark as an actor as well.

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